Fujitsu lifebook application panel
Technical information and drivers for *n*x platforms


The notebook Fujitsu C-4110 lifebook has an application panel (if you want to know what it is, look at Fujitsu C-4110 description). This works in windows, but what if you want to use it from another operating system? Since Fujitsu wasn't very helpful in this respect, I had to find it out myself.

I found out some i/o sequences that could be implemented in drivers for other platforms. After some time, the i/o sequences appeared looked a lot like smbus commands and after trying it out on my laptop, the new technical details were written, as well as a new driver which should support most models. After that specs for some of the ic's used were found, wich enabled the creation of an interrupt-driven driver. A pre-alpha test version showed, however, that this was too unreliable to use because of ghost keystrokes.

Go to the download page to download the drivers. Currently, FreeBSD and linux are supported. Of course it's all open-source.

I want to thank Martijn Coenen en Leon Schrijvers for their TLP Project (site dead) with which it all started, and Jochen Eisinger for writing the linux driver.

Note: this project has been silent for a couple of years already and isn't likely to be revived since the hardware has become too old to be widely used. The drivers and documentation remain available on this website.