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Fjkeyd scripts

You can do a lot of things with the application buttons. And of course people like to use them and write script for that. The purpose of this page is to share those scripts. So if you want to do something with your application buttons, look here if someone already wrote something for it. And else you can write one yourself and submit it to us by mail. If you do so, please include the .tar.gz-file, description and email-address.

Of course you can easily modify the scripts provided here to do just that little extra thing you want, or use another button by renaming the script.

All files are tar-ed gzipped files containing a directory (which is the same as the filename without extensions) with the scripts. Copy the scripts to the directory where your scripts are (default: /etc/apanel). If there is a README, make sure to read it. You have to make sure fjkeyd is running when you want to use the buttons (and of course, the kernel module should be loaded).

cd_original.tar.gz FreeBSD4 Use CD-buttons to access the cd player (included with FreeBSD driver) Willem van Engen
cd_applled.tar.gz FreeBSD4 Use application buttons to access the cd player and the led will display the status. Brian Pauw and Jilles Tjoelker

Note: the OS shouldn't make much difference, since it's scripts. But some programs may exist on some OS-es and others not (like cdcontrol). Just try out, I'd say.